Bespoke, Handmade Wooden Fire Door Sets

These are a small selection of products produced by The Oxford Fire Door Company in various stages of production to the finished article. All ‘Made in Britain’ and ‘Locally Sourced where possible’

3 Panel Raised and Fielded Doors made from Tulip Wood can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60 

4 Panel Shaker with bespoke beading detail can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60

6 Panel Blenhiem and 6 Panel Portman Doors can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60 

6 Panel Brize and beading detail can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60 

6 Panel FD30 Brize Door Set with Architrave Detail to Match including Skirting and Wall Panelling 

6 Panel Raised and Fielded Quadrant Moulding Portman Doors in production can be Fire Rated and Non Fire Rated Door Sets 

Ash Tongued and Grooved Single Doors can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60 

Beading Sample before finishing 

Bespoke Ash Tongued and Grooved Door Set with Frame Ledge and Brace across door Non Fire Rated 2 Styles 

Bespoke External Entrance Door Set Euro Oak Gothic Arched to match Original 

Bespoke Narrow 6 Panel Rounded Edge Door and 4 Panel Square Edge Door can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60 

Euro Oak Glazed Screen with Tongue and Grooved Door Non Fire Rated External to match upper level 

Euro Oak Raised and Field door set can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60

European Glazed 6 Panel and Single Lower Half Panel Raised and Fielded External Door Set with Weather Bar Sill and Ironmongery Non Fire Rated 

European Oak External Front Fire Door with Tongue and Grooved Panels Modern Non Fire Rated and can be Fire Rated FD30 or FD60 

Exterior Horizontal T&G Entrance Door Set Unfinished 

External Bin Store Mini Stable Door Sets with Ironmongery 

External Hardwood Exit Door with Glazing Raised and Fielded and Beading as Door Set 

External Hardwood Painted Door Set Non Fire Rated with Raised and Field lower detail to match 3 Panel Glazing 

External Oak Door Tongued and Grooved with specialist ironmongery detail and lock Door Set Non Fire Rated 

External Tongue and Grooved External Cottage Door Set with Glazing Panel and Weather Bar 

Flat 4 Panel with Moulding Beading Detail from Tulip Wood Primed can be FD30 FD60 and Non Fire Rated matching Architraves Frame and Ironmongery 

Hardwood Painted Stable Door Set Dinks Glazing Non Fire Rated 

Inbuilt wardrobe display units 4 panel doors architraves and skirting 

Non Fire Rated Door Set with 4 Panel Glazing and Side Screen and Matching Glazing Primed and 2 matching doors 

Oak Tongue Groved Vertical Fire Rated Door Set FD30 or FD60