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Bespoke, Handmade Wooden Fire Door sets

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Handmade Wooden

Fire Door Sets

The Oxford Fire Door Company offers a comprehensive range of bespoke door solutions, backed by expertise, customisation options, fire safety compliance, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. These qualities make them an attractive choice for trade developers, builders, interior designers, surveyors, architects, estates, and end users seeking reliable and tailored door solutions.

As an additional service we are happy to provide assistance with IFC testing and certification where a solution demands it in order to provide a bespoke solution in door sets.

Because BS 476 is being withdrawn updated certification for the Palusol SW Panels has now been completed and the final stages of the assessment being finalised, because projects often take 3 months or more don’t hesitate in sending your enquiries in.


Architraves are architectural elements that serve as decorative and functional features in building design, particularly in classical and traditional architecture.


Skirting is an essential architectural detail that not only serves practical purposes but also contributes to the aesthetics of interior spaces.


Beading provides safety in securing your glazing whether Fire Rated or Non Fire Rated and a touch of individualism on a chosen door.